Monday, March 30, 2009

Bread! Mmmmmm! And lovely locavorism!

Bread making is so beautiful and therapeutic and makes your house smell Lovely! 
I have, Finally, found The bread that Charles really enjoys. I am ever so glad. Ever since we got together I have been working on making bread and learning about this good ol' fashioned tradition. So far the best cookbook author I have found is Peter Reinheart, he is awesome! His book is where I got Charles new favorite from.
I have been thinking about it, a 5 lb. bag of flour is about $2, from a groceries. I believe they have 12 c. in them and that equals at least 6 loaves, which is .33 cents a loaf for flour. Then say a carton of eggs is $1, which translates to 12 loaves, which is about .08 cents each. Milk is say $2.75, the last price we paid, 1 gal. is 16 c., which is .25 cents a loaf, so far that will be .66 cents a loaf. Add some for the yeast, which I get a jar of for about $5, and it lasts me for quite a while, so say that adds about .10 cents, then it's .76 cents. 
Now there are some people out there who argue that it is still not worth it, sale loaves of cheap store bought bread can be .99 cents. But added to that cheap store bought bread are preservatives, some kind of corn or soy byproduct, sugar, etc. And when things are mass produced lots of other icky things can make there way in there that are not listed, mmmm lovely! Also, you are saving energy by making it at home instead of helping to cause it to be trucked over to where ever you buy from. And before that all the big machines to make it that use electricity and gas. But mainly, I do it because I love it, and it is lots healthier! 
Along with baking bread comes discontinuing the purchase of ready made meals. Growing your own garden or some plants in a sunny window, etc.
And on gardens, I am working on one in my front yard! I plan to work a big garden for a friend who will be gone for 2 yrs. And I just found out that there are community gardens here in Charleston!!! YAAY!! Along with that is the farmers market where I can get things that I do not grow, contributing to our locavorism. Being a locavore is awesome!!!! Especially when you can prepare and preserve food for the winter. Hmmm, a big freezer would be such a lovely addition to our kitchen! 

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