Sunday, October 21, 2007

My experience

I was born at home and saw 3 of my siblings born at home also.
Now I am starting my own homebirth tradition. And I will put up my birth experience after it happens.
One great thing about doing things this way is that you do a ton more research. Which has really opened my eyes to all that is going on now in the USA.
Everyone here trusts Dr.'s way to deeply. Especially when it comes to birth. Which they view as a condition to be treated. Not a common life occurance and process. I know that not all Dr.'s and OB's are this way, but the majority are.
This trust we allow to be so easily placed in our medical profession has led to an increase in c-sections and many other serious medical interventions. Often they happen just because the Dr. feels that the labor is taking to long for their schedule. And because they strap the mother down to a bed with moniters and iv's. When in a natural birth, the instinct and best way to do labor, is moving around. Using gravity to help your baby get in place and changing position to find what is most comfortable.
Not to say that hospitals are "bad", or the purpose of Dr.'s null. On the contrary, they are vitally important to all women who have a high risk pregnancy. Where all the testing and monitering saves lives. It is just that the majority of women are low risk. And if they were allowed to move around in hospitals when in labor, eat and drink, have people they trust caring for them, etc. There would be a great decrease in c-sections and other forms of intervention.