Thursday, January 29, 2009

Me time!

I usually get a couple hours break a day from my 24 hr. job. (Not that I am complaining, this truly is my dream job!) I get to veg in front of the computer and drink a lovely hot mug of decaf coffee or some yummy cocoa. Surf the net and sigh over all things fashion and the beautiful world of bloggers! 

Side note: There is this person who drives a muffler-less and ugly car down our street at least once if not twice a day. EVERY time they drive by they rev their engine and if Charles car is parked out there it sets off the alarm. It is ever so irritating! Grrrrrr! Ok, I feel a bit better now.

So back to bloggers.... I have always been a rather curious person, many spankings have ensued from my constant explorations as a child. (I would wonder how mom had caught me! As I rubbed black soot from my face, from the attic. Haha, I wonder what else gave away my antics.) And being a part of the blog-verse helps to satisfy my ever-loving curiosity. I even thought about becoming a scientist before, they get to explore soooo much! But then, I failed chemistry and did not do well at all in math! So thank you! To all the other life chroniclers out there, I love you!! 

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